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200 m2

Meditation is being conscious of yourself and of every moment, the best you can. It means being free of ideas, fantasies or distractions. In essence, to meditate is to be focused on yourself and fully experiencing the present, which can be achieved through something as apparently simple as sitting and breathing. Instead of exploring everything around you, you turn towards yourself. Your mind is set to feel your body and to release your thoughts. Meditation is a way to practice living more mindfully in every moment. One moment at a time. The over-arching concept for our meditation cabin directly translates from our vision of what meditation is or can be. We designed a cabin that, instead of framing views or creating shapes, it is turned inwards and encourages you to focus on yourself. Just like meditation itself.

The translucent facades all around its central space create a specific atmosphere reducing the surroundings to vague shadows, blurred shapes and shifting lights, free to be interpreted or left to simply be. Sight is not really needed to experience the space. Instead, the sounds of the surroundings, the smells coming inside or the warm air flowing through all help the guest relax and experience the moment fully. All elements are functional, yet they combine harmoniously, resulting in a simple, natural meditation cabin.

The big window at the front facade brings flexibility to the cabin. Opening the curtains and windows will bring light and air into the space. With other activities such as massage, yoga or just relaxing, light and air can be welcomed into the space.

Overall, our design is a low-impact subtle cabin that encourages the guest to turn inwards, relax and experience meditation fully while gently connecting to the nature of the Moses Valley.

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